【Work with us】 International Office Talent Programme

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Work with us

International Office Talent Programme

The International Office is planning to recruit three assistant secretaries this semester. Job description is stated below.


(1) Events Organizer

Main Responsibilities:

Organizing and executing internal and external events, including cross-cultural workshop, competition and seasonal gatherings


Knowledge, Skills and Experience Needed for the Job:


Strong written and verbal communication skills


Experience of planning, organising and overseeing a range of events and seeing them through to completion


(2) Website Management Specialist

Main Responsibilities:

Manage the layout and content planning of the International Website

Improve user experiences, including vision experiences and interactions


Knowledge, Skills and Experience Needed for the Job:


Website development or management experiences

Interests in developing the front end of a website

Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills

Excellent organisational and time-management skills with a keen attention to detail and accuracy

Good judgement in resolving problems


(3) Marketing Specialist

Main Responsibilities:

Responsible for ensuring news are advertised timely and accurately via the website

Assist in the creation of marketing materials and news


Knowledge, Skills and Experience Needed for the Job:


Experience of editing website content

Ability to draft articles and documents to a high standard, playing close attention to detail

Experience of producing marketing materials


Internship certificate is available based on your performance

Salaries are calculated pro-rata to working hours

Potential internship opportunities in international conferences or companies


How to Apply?

If your are interested in applying for the positions above, please email your CV and related portfolio if applicable to591396420@qq.com.

Contact Person: LIU Wanling




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