Tan Kah Kee College Golf Club

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Tan Kah Kee College Golf Club was founded in 2005. Under the help of Xiamen University at Zhangzhou golf team, together with Xiamen University Golf Club, this club is responsible for the volunteers’ activities in Xiamen of CPGA (China Professional Golf Association championship) held in September and CLPGA (China Ladies Professional Golf Association championship) held in December over the past two years. They recruit volunteers from the club members, provide the opportunity for members to join a large golf tournament.

Wang Xianfeng, the guide teacher from the Physical Education Department, has many years of teaching experience and is good at golf. Li Huan, the chairman of the golf club, has rich experience in golf match volunteering and is familiar with the rules and manners of golf.

This club focuses on increasing students’ interest in golf, so there is no limitation to join it. In Tan Kah Kee College golf club, we promote the spirit of honesty and common progress. We hope all the members could find intimates, exchange experiences and learn more about golf in this club.




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